2013 News

Jun 12, 2013

June public engagement update

Good afternoon everyone,

We are writing this news post between our public presentations of the updated Master Plan. It has been a busy day! So far, we have had some good conversations with residents of the surrounding communities, University students, staff and faculty as well as others who are interested in the West Campus lands and our proposed approach.

Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to see the Plan and have a conversation with us. It is a true honour to be working for the University on this Plan, and these events remind us again of the great many passionate people who live and work in the West Campus area! The materials from our events will be available on our website starting tomorrow. Please let us know if you have questions about them.

Whether you are able to attend the last event today or not, we hope that one message is clear from our activities: we value your input in this Plan.  As our vision states we aim to achieve a vibrant and sustainable community that enhances University life and harmonizes with the surrounding communities.  

These events signal a transition into another stage of the process - application for land use amendment with the City - but we remain committed to listening to our stakeholders as we move forward.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

We look forward to our continued engagement with all our stakeholders.


West Campus Development Trust